Live Painting!

One of my collectors, a member of Sky Club Elite, asked me if I’d consider donating a painting to raise money for HEART, a nonprofit that helps provide professional education for the developmentally disabled. I was happy to contribute to this great cause, and in the end we decided it’d be fun if I painted live at their happy hour! Tonight was the night, and although I had never done this in front of a large audience before, I ended up loving it! I decided to recreate a painting I’d done last year, of a girl with balloons (inspired by @whereintheworldismiha) but make it more colorful, larger, and make the balloons heart-shape in honor of HEART.

My friend came out to support me and she took this great picture of me painting. I’m so excited to have it, because there are not that many pictures of me in action, and this one I really love!

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