A Day Full of Art

Today was beyond ambitious but so amazingly fun: In the morning there was an information session for future Escapists at John’s. It was so well attended, and among the prospective applicants are some very good artists who asked very good questions. After the information session, my two top collectors, the Pollards, and I had a quick taco lunch, then went to Art Crawl – one of Houston’s most fun events. We saw four different studio buildings and got to chat with artists about their work. I fell in love with a ceramic rabbit, learned some things about oil painting, and visited with a few artist friends. We could have visited studios all day, but we had a dinner party to go to – a dinner party I was hosting and had to put the last finishing touches on, though I’d been wise enough to cook the shrimp soup and poach the salmon the night before. Also, at tonight’s dinner party I got an award from my mentor for being consistent. I have a medal and everything! It’s proudly displayed in my Bush bathroom and I really hope lots of people will come see it.

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