Yin Yoga and Leftovers

After the party I slept late but woke up with a headache – too much champagne with apple cider? – and deep in the fog of a dream. I was with my top collector and we were in Venice but maybe it was New Orleans. A blonde girl in a gondola said she understood how I felt, she loved Venice too but couldn’t be happy, all the water was not good for her. Then we found jewelry in a drawer of the credenza, a gold brooch and some other stuff. Have you ever had a dream where you felt strongly that you needed to write it down because you felt like it spoke to you yet you were not sure why? Speaking of dreams, I wonder how Suzanne is doing. She’s with the editor now and I miss her on mornings when I used to write and now I don’t. But she’ll be back…

Also, today was the second round of the Romanian presidential election, and I drove to the Romanian church all the way in North Houston to vote and because of the time difference by the time I got back it was already clear my candidate had won, but I’m glad I did anyway.

My farmhouse commission got picked up by the collectors today. They were happy with it. And at the end of what seemed like a long and ambitious day my friend and I went to yin yoga at her very fancy new gym. Then we feasted on leftovers and on the fun recap of the party that comes with. All in all, it’s been a great day. And I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

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