Adventure with Ducks

I think it’s important to have adventures in your own city every now and then. It’s what inspired me to go to the YMCA Downtown today instead of the Y in my own neighborhood. I love Downtown and I figured I could make this into a fun excursion. The facility is absolutely beautiful and I had never been there before. My favorite: the indoor walking track with views of downtown. Though of course it was too lovely a day to be indoors. And so after my workout I drove to Les Givral in Midtown for my favorite $3 Vietnamese sandwich. I took my sandwich to the park, and after eating it I walked for quite a while. At some point I got tired and sat on a bench. That’s when the most beautiful duck came very close to me. It was obviously not afraid of me at all. Maybe it thought I had food. Or maybe it thought I was food. I realized that the duck was not afraid of me but I sure was afraid of it. I walked away as fast as I could.

Also, unrelated to ducks and such, I decided to start a book club! Let me know if you’d like more information.

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