Small Business Saturday Was Amazing!

Best day ever! I wish every day were Small Business Saturday! So many lovely people came by, and the atmosphere was warm and happy with lots of wine and laughter. At some point, however, the biggest dog in the universe decided to make a statement: she demanded I pick her up and she lounged on my lap the rest of the night in a clear statement of ownership. Note: she usually doesn’t let me pick her up!

After the event my friend and I went to have tacos at 100% Taquito, which is now my favorite new place! I felt happily exhausted and grateful for the wonderful day and all the support my business has gotten from collectors over the past year. As I walked my possessive little dog later down Post Oak Boulevard among the beautifully lit up Christmas trees I saw the Sagittarius new moon that’s been wrecking havoc on my emotions over the past few days. It was low and red, a thin red line really, incredibly beautiful. And I had a revelation about my own mental patterns: When I’m stressed, tired, or overwhelmed, I go back to a particular set of memories and emotions from the past. It’s a hiding place of sorts, a reflex, like picking on a scab. Realizing that I’m doing this feels liberating. Perhaps this is the insight and renewal the new moon is giving me, its way of helping me move forward.

I feel incredibly light today, and incredibly grateful for everything.

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