She’s Back!

Today my Galveston ghost story, which I really should start referring to by its name – Storms of Malhado – came back from the editor. I haven’t really had time to fully delve into the comments, but I scanned the letter the editor sent, and they are exactly the type of insights I need, suggestions on how to build tension, how much of the different story lines to reveal where, etc. I’m looking forward to getting back to Katie, Suzanne, and Betty – though of course I’m also a bit scared because the work left to do is meticulous and important. I’m so happy though! The editor has pointed out some very useful things. For example, although I wrote it and did so purposefully, I hadn’t realized where a turning point is for Katie that completely changes her fate, and had not given enough attention to underscoring the significance of that moment. Also, I have not named the horses. How do y’all feel about Fiona and Jack?


  1. Hmmm, I love both those horsey names, but they strike me as very British Isles. Is that the right vibe for your Galveston ghost story? Do your characters have a UK connection that makes this logical (not that names have to be logical)? Just my ten cents worth… 😊 Perhaps something more southwest or south of the border sounding? Am excited to read your newest book!

    1. I know! I really think I was subconsciously thinking of your horse when I picked that name! It’s a beautiful name and perfect for a horse!

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