Tonight I hosted a party in honor of the wonderful collectors who purchased art this year. In preparation I decided to make a video highlighting some of this year’s favorite paintings, trips, and parties. I ended up sucked into some kind of technological time warp where I spent hours selecting images. And as I was doing this I was so incredibly filled with joy. To see so many of the paintings together was really special, a reminder that what I’m doing is definitely worthwhile, that I’m on the path I’m meant to be on, and that I have people in life who inspire and support me.

I gave a little speech at tonight’s party and I told everyone I’m feeling blessed – a word I don’t use much because it’s meaningful when used sparsely and because I’m not a fan of it being turned into a hashtag. So, I don’t say such things lightly, nor am I very public about spirituality. But I was feeling really blessed, and later, much later, after the party, which was lots of fun, I opened up the gift a very special collector brought, and inside I found an icon of Mary surrounded by doves – doves just like the ones in the painting this collector bought at my solo show last year. There’s more to it too, more reasons why the icon speaks to me and is perfect. And it’s amazing that I have that kind of connection to another deeply spiritual person, and that we have this connection because of my work.

Anyway, I’m very happy. And please watch the video.

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