Art for Hope

Today was the Children’s Assessment Center’s Art for Hope Party that my fabulous friend Paula Hawkins got me to participate in, and once again I painted live. I had a bit of an adventure, though, so painting live tonight required being resourceful. I basically had too much fun last night, then today after I worked out, my friend from long ago – from the beginning of my days at Lamar – came by to see me. He had an espresso and I showed him my 2019 Collectors Video and it was really nice that someone who’s known me for such a long time was really impressed and said he understood what I was doing and that he knows I will do well. Then we walked through the neighborhood, I showed him the newly renovated Café Annie, gave him some suggestions for dinner and entertainment, and bid him goodbye, since I myself badly needed a nap and then to get ready for the CAC party. I had left my paints at the CAC so I figured all I had to do was put on a pretty dress. But when I got there I realized I forgot to bring a panel to paint on. My paints were there, but no panel! Luckily I remembered there were some abstract paintings in my car. I asked the valet to please bring it back around, fished a painting out of the trunk, and painted over it. And I’m glad I did because I love the way it turned out, and one of my favorite collectors bought it! Also, my avocado painting which was in the show, and the carousel horse I painted on Thursday found good homes with really lovely people. And I ate yummy burgers from Benji’s, even ended up taking one home in my purse because my friend gave it to me as I was leaving. Somehow that’s a metaphor for my day. I mean, you know it’s been a good day when you get home tired but happy, and there’s a burger in your purse, wrapped in wax paper, still a little warm, and you stick it in the fridge where it can wait until lunch. Or maybe even breakfast.

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