Highlights of the Day

It’s definitely been a busy weekend and I was mighty tired today. I treated myself to a delivery breakfast from Pondicherry – a dosa with veggies and ginger inside, coconut almond pancakes with fruit and yogurt, and an avocado quinoa bowl, all of which was delicious. I ate it at various points during the day. For breakfast I ate last night’s burger.

I had three gallery visits today, all three delightful, and I packed two armadillos to send to a collector and her mom. I got to delve into my Galveston ghost story manuscript too, and I had a little panic attack, thinking my editor had not weeded out typos and such. It turns out she has. There simply weren’t any in the first chapter, which I’d rewritten so many times that it was pretty clean. I started wondering why I don’t trust myself to write without errors. I mean, it shouldn’t make panic to see she hasn’t pointed out any mistakes. I should be confident enough to know it might be because I didn’t make any, not because she wasn’t looking.

Then in the evening I painted my toenails red because I figured I needed some kind of a treat. And tomorrow I totally plan to go to yoga – which is better with freshly painted toenails. Just sayin’.

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