Have You Heard?

Let me tell you a secret…

There’s nothing I love better than a secret hidden in plain sight. So, let me publish a very special offer on this blog, secure in the knowledge that only very special people will have access to it because only very special people actually take the time to read my blog posts – and their loyalty needs to be rewarded!

I’m starting a very special book club! In fact, I will call its members Very Important Readers. These readers will get access to insider information – such as when my ebooks are free or my paperbacks are discounted. They will be invited to special events both at my gallery and in locations featured in my novels, but, most importantly, they will get a chance to acquire paperback copies of my upcoming novel, Storms of Malhado, months before its release and get invited to some exclusive pre-release events. If you’re excited about Storms of Malhado you probably already know that its official release date is September 8, 2020 – the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900. And fitting as this release date might be for a book about hurricanes, it sure is a long time to wait! But what if I told you you can get your copy (signed and personalized) as early as April 21st? Why April 21st? Because it’s the beginning of Taurus season and Suzanne’s birthday – which we will obviously celebrate! Also, you’ll get your pre-release book at a discounted rate, because you are a Very Important Reader, but you have to act fast! I’m only selling 200 pre-release copies, and only until February 9th. My hope is that this is a good way to round up those readers who are truly dedicated, and that, in sharing the book with them early, I will inspire them to share this story with others too. Being a Very Important Reader is an honor not just because you’ll have special access to the book, but also because you’re invited to use your special access to become an advocate for the book, should you love it. And I hope you will.

If you want to order your pre-release copy and become a Very Important Reader, check out the book’s website. The link to order pre-release copies is at the top, right after the blurb from one of my favorite authors.

Also, if you wish to be involved in this project in a more meaningful way, by ordering ten or more copies, let me know. There are some very special insider perks that go with that kind of support!

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