Suzanne’s Bathing Dress

Suzanne’s Bathing Dress. 16×20 inches, acrylic on wood. $300

Mornings are when I feel a little bold – once I’ve had my coffee. That’s when I get all kinds of ideas, and sometimes act on them. This morning I was editing my upcoming novel and pinning stuff on the Pinterest board I created for it when I came across a 1900-style bathing dress (with pantaloons, of course!) for sale. Of course I had to order it. I’ve some ideas for ways I can incorporate it into some of the pre-release events for my Very Important Readers. Speaking of, some of the people who have supported my writing from the very beginning have already ordered their pre-release copies of the book and it’s been making me very happy. If you haven’t done so already, you can find out about the pre-release copies on the book’s website!

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