Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat. 6×8 inches. Ink drawing on paper. $50

Some different aunts came by to see me today and we sat in the kitchen and laughed a lot. They told me it was the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat was starting, and for good luck one should have eight oranges in the house and roll them around on the floor like bowling balls. There were no oranges to be had at the little convenience store around the corner where I bought wine for the aunts. I googled the Year of the Rat, and it turns out it’s not a great year for Horses (I am a horse), unless horses learn to be patient, to watch their temper and their impulsiveness, to collaborate with others, and for best results do volunteer work or something similar to generate good luck. I’m not great at being patient, and my temper is an unruly beast with claws. Though I have been thinking lately of avoiding certain situations that irritate me, and stepping away from arguments. Also I really have been thinking of volunteering. So maybe I can turn this whole Year of the Rat thing around and have a good year after all. Here’s hoping.

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