Pecking Order

Today I gave grandma a haircut. She has really thick hair, especially for a 98-year-old. It’s white and straight and strong. She was rather impatient with the whole process, but I do think she feels better now.

My old lizard likes to watch birds eat outside her window. She’s annoyed at the mourning doves. She thinks they eat too much and don’t let smaller birds eat. She also has issues with the way I set out the bird crumbs. I never seem to get it right. Also, I quite like the mourning doves and hope they get their fill.

Last night, however, in her room, while eating peeled apples, my lizard and I were able, despite her hearing loss, to have some quality communication. She told me I’m skinny and look good – which is great, as she normally has lots of criticism for everyone and everything and I am obviously vain enough to care.

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