Fire and Bread

Fire. 8×8 inches. Acrylic on wood. $100

Today I was invited to celebrate the new year with a fabulous lunch at John and Ryan’s. Alexander Ross was the centerpiece on the table, which made me very happy. After the meal, there was a fire, and we all participated in a ritual where we wrote down our wishes for the new year and burned them. I like that ritual very much.

Afterwards I drove home, painted, and made bread. I’m getting back into baking – another ritual that I really like. It seemed like the perfect day for it too. It was rainy outside, but not really cold, and I really felt like it was one of those days where I fully enjoy the scent of everything – the fire, the bread, the rain. I’m about to get into bed with my little dog, who smells like a newborn piglet, sweet and delicious, and read a book and call it an early night.

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