1900 Bathing Suit. 9×12, watercolor on paper. $75

Today my 1900 bathing suit arrived, complete with its white pantaloons, which are quite fetching! It arrived early, which was a good thing, as I was afraid it’d get here while I was in New York.

I’m still having quite a lovely time reaching out to readers and telling them about the possibility of ordering pre-release copies of Storms of Malhado. It’s so satisfying each time someone actually does!

Interesting juxtaposition with a painting of Miss Vulpe

Working on the manuscript is also still fun. The editor’s comments got me thinking about agency a lot. Do my heroines make their own choices or do they just react to what happens? I know Miss Vulpe certainly made her own choices – however dangerous or controversial. But does Betty? Does Suzanne? I think they do. Suzanne chooses to write to Desmond. She chooses to meet him. And although Cornelius seems to be at times making the choices for Betty, she does indeed choose to be with him too.

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