A Blustery Ocean

Scared of the Waves. Ink drawing. 6×8 inches. $50

A lot happened today. I started having second thoughts about leaving my dog with my friend – not because I don’t think that would be the cutest, cuddliest arrangement for my little four-pawed diva, but because I have a prior arrangement with her vet and I value that relationship. Also, the little diva needs a mani/pedi and that’s hard to organize on short notice. I was counting on her vet for doing that – and then some. Plus, they stock her food and save me from other preparations I don’t feel up to right now because I have things to do. Things like packing for New York and having a promotional photo shoot in my 1900 bathing dress! I might have judged myself a little for making this such a priority, but once I got to the photo shoot, the photographer (Bogdan of Buburuza Productions) and I had so much fun! It was definitely the moment when I forgot my travel anxiety and was able to just be my happiest most playful self.

So yes, check out these photos! I will be sharing them over several posts, to prolong the suspense.

Also today, my editor sent me the revised blurb she’s been working on for Storms of Malhado. Check it out (below). What do you think?

Photo credit Buburuza Productions

Three women. Three hurricanes. One haunting truth …

Katie doesn’t believe in ghosts.

And she certainly doesn’t believe the rumors that her family’s old mansion in Galveston, Texas is haunted, despite its tragic history: two young women who lived in the house in different eras both died in hurricanes – one during Hurricane Carla in 1961, and one during the Great Storm of 1900, the greatest natural disaster to ever befall the United States.

But that was the past. A fact Katie reminds herself of when she returns home to Galveston to await Hurricane Ike with her parents and boyfriend in her family’s old mansion on Broadway, hoping to rekindle her flailing relationship. But while Katie may not be afraid of the ghost stories she’s heard, she is afraid of the monster storm approaching the island. And as even the most die-hard islanders evacuate, Katie’s fears grow. Fear of the looming hurricane. Fear that she’s talentless as a painter. Fear that her relationship with her elusive boyfriend is already over. And as Katie struggles against her fears, the past whispers to her of the women who died there, and the haunting similarities they share with Katie’s own life. And as Katie’s fears grow stronger, she must decide if she has the strength to break the cycle of the past, or be doomed to repeat it.

Through three different timelines, Storms of Malhado weaves a story of Galveston’s past, underscoring its danger and isolation, as well as its remarkable resilience, its capacity for both nostalgia and reinvention. Full of contradictions, at once insular and open to the world, magical but stifling, stuck in the past yet determined to overcome, Galveston Island is as much a character of the novel as Katie, Suzanne, Betty, their lovers, and their confidantes.

There’s still time to order a pre-release copy and become a VIP reader!

Photo credit Buburuza Productions
Photo credit Buburuza Productions

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