City Directory

Drawing inspired by the 1900 Galveston City Directory. $50

After successfully dropping off the dog today I proceeded to having the most lovely day hanging out with my friend in Galveston, then doing historical research at the Rosenberg Library. The weather was glorious, we had a great lunch at Maceo’s, a stroll on the beach (including a visit to Murdoch’s), we talked about my plans for Storms of Malhado, and we laughed and joked a lot. We even bought scratch-offs and a lottery ticket at Bob’s Grocery – which was satisfyingly seedy – because we decided it was a lucky day. We won nothing in the scratch-offs, but that’s ok. I was feeling light and playful, the way I used to feel back when I was living in Galveston and life seemed in many ways simpler. I really miss those days, and sometimes I still long to move back.

Later, I went to the Rosenberg Library and perused the City Directory from 1900 as well as the one from 1961. They were very interesting to say the least.

Another picture from my photo shoot with Buburuza Productions
The water today
One day I shall ride the carousel on the Pleasure Pier

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