Running Around the City

Midtown. Ink sketch. $50

Today we ran around quite a lot – which is typical for a day in New York for me. We went to breakfast, then to the Guggenheim – I had never been, as in my twenties my cultural destination of choice used to be the Met, which was free. I used to spend whatever money I had on cocktails and cabs with the occasional pair of tall boots thrown in. Anyway, so I finally saw the Guggenheim, which was pretty fabulous. But what was most fabulous about it was being there with my two top collectors, looking at art together and talking about it.

Later we walked through the park, then back to Midtown where we went on a hunt for Chinese dumplings and bao buns, which were absolutely delicious.

In the evening we were invited to a happy hour at the home of one of John’s collectors, which was quite fabulous. Our whole group was there, and the most amazing thing for me was people telling me they’ve been reading Dogs with Bagels and they like it! I always worry about how readers will react to it, because I know people usually either love L or absolutely hate her. “I totally would want to be her friend,” one of the collectors at the party told me, and that totally made my day.

Dolce & Gabbana on Madison

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