The Old and the New

Lunch at Sardi’s. Ink on paper. 6×8 inches. $50

This morning we went to Hudson Yards to see The Vessel. It’s a brand new building that’s actually more of a piece of art than anything else, as it’s all out in the open and all one can do with it is climb up and down. It’s interesting indeed, but, surrounded by the kind of luxury retail that’s exactly the same everywhere you go, it’s part of the glossy over-commercialized new New York that I’m not sure I care for.

Which is why lunch at Sardi’s, a Theater District institution, featuring over 1,300 caricatures framed on its walls, white table linens, and impeccable service, was a nice way to balance out our visit to this new and somewhat puzzling creation.

A Glimpse of Grand Central. Ink on paper. 6×8 inches. $50

I’m definitely all about old New York: Grand Central and the Chrystal Building, the Art Deco façades of Fifth Avenue, the park and the Plaza, the Met, and the good old fashioned joy of hailing a cab on a busy street.

In the afternoon we visited the Whitney Museum, where we saw some very interesting art. Afterwards, I just had to go to Bloomingdale’s. I had to do some of the old things I used to love doing, like recite my family’s old 212 number in order to get a member discount, and sweet talk my way into free samples of Crème de la Mer. Walking back to the hotel to rest I wondered why these things meant so much to me, why they gave me a sense of belonging. Am I that shallow? Then I realized this is simply something that fascinates me as a business person, that whole way of making someone feel special and valued, of creating an experience, a connection. So let’s definitely file my trip to Bloomingdale’s under professional development.

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