Horse in the Window

Today the weather did all kinds of things. It alternated between sunny and rainy, and my mood was a bit similar. Jet lag came back with a vengeance and I was feeling dizzy and off quite a bit. But I did perk up when I saw a life size wooden horse in the window of a gallery. It was closed today, but tomorrow I hope to go back and take a closer look.

Also, what made my day great were a few book sales. People are ordering their pre-release copies of Storms of Malhado (only 5 days left!) and with each new VIP reader I grow more confident and more optimistic.

Also, I ate way too much: everything from bao for 6am breakfast, a scrumptious carpaccio panini at Sant Ambroeus for 10am second breakfast, the best little ricotta flaky oyster-shaped pastry at an Italian place that’s 125 years old, veggie dumplings in the afternoon, and cold sesame noodles and some gigantic tiger prawns with ginger sauce for dinner. I feel like boa that’s swallowed an elephant. But tomorrow I really hope to sleep past six, wake up in daylight, not feel dizzy, and not require quite as frequent and substantial meals.

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