Pink Clouds, Expensive Horses

I awoke to pink clouds. It was the first day I slept until daylight and that was a good thing. I had three fancy coffees in different hipster coffee shops in Nolita, and it only reinforced what I already knew. That having Hong Kong milk teas from the bakery downstairs while getting my bearings, then the best cappuccino in NYC at Sant Ambroeus a little later once I was dressed and beautified is definitely the winning strategy. Back to that routine tomorrow.

Today I walked around a lot. I ate hand pulled Chinese noodles, a really good slice of pizza, then treated myself to a wonderful dinner at Nix, a Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant where they did some unbelievably delicious things to a sweet potato.

I also checked on the wooden horse. It costs $125,000, is from 1890, comes from France, and was originally designed to stand in front of a saddle shop modeling saddles.

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