Dried Rose

Today was a much better day. I got some work done in the morning, which included scanning yesterday’s rose watercolor to include in my online shop, as well as to create products on my Society6 page. Take a look below to see how pretty these are!And there are more than the ones pictured below! Creating them sure made me feel better.

Afterwards I went to the gym, where I resumed my workout and had fun although I forgot my headphones. And then I went to HEB where I shopped in order to make dinner for my top collectors. I made Argentinian shrimp, and I recreated a sweet potato curry I had at Nix in NYC last week. It turned out pretty good, and we had a nice time, with good conversation and lots of laughs. Now the house smells like rose candles and curry and I’m definitely in a much better mood than I was before. Though I’m still not feeling completely settled or completely comfortable yet.

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