I haven’t adjusted to being back yet. I still feel a little bit in a fog and everything seems surreal. Like, why is it so hot and humid? Walking around in sandals this time of year seems a bit strange after my days of wearing fur and boots in NYC.

Anyway, I got some unexpected inspiration today and started thinking that maybe I should make all kinds of pink stuff for Valentine’s Day. Like pink roses, that kind of stuff.

Also, I started obsessively organizing my space. It always hits me when I come back from a trip, just how much stuff I have, and how I most likely don’t need it all. I’ve been organizing and downsizing. All this while being plagued by all sorts of existential questions and my perpetual identity crisis, my perpetual quest for where exactly I belong.

I miss my hotel room in Chinatown.

It wasn’t until later this evening that I realized I forgot to do my blog yesterday. I had drawn something cute – a portrait of my dog. I’d just picked her up in Galveston, and I drew her, then got into bed with every intention of writing a blog post, but I was too tired and it slipped my mind.

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