Sorting Fabric

I didn’t really do much today. I woke up late. The weather was warm but rainy. I ate leftover king cake for breakfast. I froze most of it – including the baby – but saved some for two decadent mornings. I wrote a little bit, puttered around online, added some stuff to my online store. I like mornings best, the writing and the coffee-infused dreaming. After that it’s all goes a bit downhill. But I tried to fight that today. I went to pick up my new glasses and they are perfect. I’d resisted changing my frames for almost twenty years, thinking they were the only flattering frames for me. Not true, apparently, the new frames are so much better. Makes me wonder what other kinds of changes I’m resisting.

Then in the afternoon I went to Magpies and Peacocks to sort fabric. I like going there, love the warehouse full of scraps and fabulous fashion, mannequins and art. There’s even a cat mannequin. It stands by the bathroom.

Afterwards I stopped by one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants and by Kroger. I was cheerful on the way home. And still, I feel like something is missing, like I’m searching for something I can’t find. A deeper meaning and purpose and what not. I know I’m lucky because I get to write and make art. I don’t take those things for granted. But in my perpetual quest to live my best life, I can’t help but ask myself what’s next.

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