Making Room to Make Room

This morning, during my happy writing hours, I found a passage of Storms of Malhado I decided to work into a drawing. Later, I went on to have a really productive day. I finally gathered all the documents I need for my taxes, found a place to change the oil in my car that doesn’t rip me off, bought inexpensive shampoo that smells excellent, and finally went to the gym to work out. Afterwards my friend Lisa Goodrich came by with her paintings! I love her abstract work, and the series she brought is the first artistic project she completed after twenty years as a graphic designer, so it’s all about letting go. Which I thought would go well with my Make Room for the Horses events. I’m excited to show Lisa’s work at the next happy hour! I think this will be some cool art for my collectors to see, and again show how, in selling a bunch of paintings and streamlining my space I can make room for other fun possibilities as well, such as occasionally showing the work of other artists.

Lisa helped me move stuff and better organize my space. I feel like energetically this shifting things around will help. I guess I’m making room for the horses emotionally and intellectually as well as physically. After all, this is a new project, uncharted territory, and it does require me to have the mental space to tackle it.

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