Walnut Shrimp

When I was in NYC earlier this month, I wanted to revisit a Chinese restaurant I’ve only been to once, when I was 19, with my parents and their friends. I still remember what I had there. It was walnut shrimp. It was delicious and I’ve never found it anywhere since. I asked an old friend if that restaurant was still there, and we made plans to go. But then his mom got sick and he had to cancel our plans. I didn’t go by myself as going there without meeting my friend would have been sad.

Anyway, tonight my friends wanted to try a place called Taste of Sichuan, which is in a little strip mall right by my gallery. They had walnut shrimp on the menu, and I ordered it. It was very delicate yet complex, kind of like candy, but not really. It was definitely the wonderful dish I remembered from when I was nineteen. It went really well with the spicy food my friends ordered, and now I’m full and happy and I can’t believe this wonderful little restaurant is right by me.

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