Must Be Doing Something Right

Today I was happy to spend my morning in the gallery with my friend’s paintings. They go well with mine, and are such a nice presence. I was in a good mood when I got in my car to drive to the Island. I’d decided to go there for no other reason than wanting to spend time with my friend. And I think that was a wise decision, as I need to be more mindful of actually relaxing and having fun these days. It was sunny on the Island but a cold wind made it very unpleasant to walk around. We spent a long time having a lavish meal at Katie’s, safely inside, overlooking the water. Then we drove to the ship channel but didn’t get out of the car. Afterwards we checked on Tangerine and on our favorite spot for bluebonnets. I was already feeling much more optimistic, and then I got an email from my accountant. Funny how last week I almost cried about my taxes and all the complications of having a business and so on, and this week my return is almost ready to file and it looks like I’m getting a pretty hefty refund. I don’t often feel like this since I started this business, but today there was definitely a sense that I must be doing something right.

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