Summer on the Island

My friend’s paintings in the gallery are inspiring me. I’ve always loved her work, from the first minute I saw it, years ago at Hardy and Nance. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy it at leisure now, to observe and analyze it, and let it motivate me to make something quite different than what I’ve been creating so far. I used pieces of an old journal I used to keep years ago when I lived in Beaumont, before my Galveston apartment, before I even started painting again. I put them together with images from magazines and images from my own art. The resulting collage I decided to call Summer on the Island because that’s what it evokes for me, both in terms of feel and imagery.

Today was a good day. I wrote in the morning. I also sold a painting (see below) to my old friend from grad school. I’m so excited to reconnect with her, and for her to have picked this particular piece.

In the afternoon I went to an Open House at Magpies and Peacocks, which was also inspiring. I love their space so much, and the people who showed up were very cool and very stylish. Also, I’m still flirting with the idea of buying the gold dress.

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