So Much to Learn

Today, after a very successful event at the gallery, I started thinking seriously about the life size horse sculpture I’m planning to make and started doing some preliminary sketches, trying to wrap my mind around proportions and measurements and the like. I even tried to build a small-scale armature out of aluminum foil. Note: aluminum foil is way too soft and I have to go buy proper wires.

There is so much to learn about sculpture, and so much to learn about horses’ bodies. It’s interesting, I always feel that you can’t draw something if you don’t understand how it’s held together. This is probably even more true for sculpture. So I need to understand a lot about the way horses are made. Maybe I even need to go stand next to a horse or something.

Holly is definitely unimpressed with the tiny aluminum foil model I built.

I also did some writing in the morning, and used a different app to create an Instagram post about the new book. I’m not sure if these help pique readers’ interest or not, but I definitely love making them to the point where I can’t stop.

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