Train to Mombasa

Last night I dreamt that I was on a train to Mombasa with this guy I dated very briefly in my early thirties. The dream wasn’t really about missing him because I don’t anymore. It’s nice that feelings like that can die even when they are strong. The dream was powerful, though. It was in black and white and I was wearing a hat. Maybe we were in a movie from the 1940s. What’s important is we were going to Mombasa and that was adventurous and exciting and I woke up fully understanding that it’s that type of person I’m drawn to. Someone I can speak to in more than one language. It creates multiple levels of communication and understanding, a special kind of complicity.

Later today, the magic and wanderlust from my dream still with me, I went to John and Ryan’s for the unveiling of the New York paintings. This was a lot of fun, as I got to reunite with other people who went on the New York trip. Also, I finally got to see my painting – and there was a surprise! It turns out John made a painting of me and him at the Whitney! How special is that? I have to admit I really wanted to be in a John Ross Palmer painting! Not that I’m vain or anything. To make things even better, my top collectors bought the painting, so now there is a house with a lot of my art and also a painting of me and John in it!

And now to my NYC commission. I wanted the Chrysler Building and Queensboro Bridge at night, and here’s what John did with that. I think it’s very cool and very magical. I also think he totally gets me.

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