Horse Study

So I had a nightmare in which I went to Home Depot and they had absolutely no wire suitable to building the armature of a statue. I love it when I become so obsessed with a project that I dream about it.

In real life, Home Depot had all sorts of wire, but it was hard to figure out what type I needed so I bought a bunch of different ones. Then I set out to make a tiny horse. It was very awkward at first and I totally wanted to give up, but I decided to keep going and eventually I got something I’m pleased with for a first attempt. I still have a steep learning curve ahead, but I have a friend with some sculpting experience who will help me. She also happens to work at an art supply store where they have some type of molding mesh that might help. Also, I’m planning to go meet another friend’s horses. I figure studying a real horse up close can only help right now.

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