Equality – In Progress

I’ve been asked to create a social-justice-themed painting for the University of Houston School of Social Work’s annual Living the Vision Scholarship Luncheon. After painting the background yesterday and incorporating into it some of my lecture notes from when I first started teaching Civil Rights and Civil Liberties fifteen years ago, I decided that I wanted to add the portraits of individuals whose contribution to creating a more just society remains largely unknown. Today’s portrait is of Claudette Colvin. I would very much love suggestions on other social justice warriors to paint! Please leave suggestions in the comments, mentioning names but no explanation. Part of what I wish to accomplish is learning about these figures and reflecting on why they are not better known and acknowledged for what they did.

Also, the painting will be unveiled here at the gallery on March 14th, 3-5pm. I’m so honored to do this and very much looking forward to it!

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