A Horse in Petra

So while this whole Corona virus outbreak has been going on, my friend went to Petra and had a wonderful time. Right now she’s coming back, and while she was waiting to check in for her flight at the airport in Amman, I kept her company through text messages. The airport was chaotic, many people desperate to get home before border closures. I was very relieved my friend was able to get on her flight. All this, of course, makes me very anxious because being able to travel back and forth is practically part of my DNA by now. I’m trying to stay calm, though. I painted some studies of a beautiful horse my friend saw in Petra. I made chili and cornbread, made baked French toast too. I’m loving my cooking but am tempted to run back to the store tomorrow for more stuff. More mangoes. More corn tortillas. More spices. More everything. My freezer, fridge, and pantry are pretty well stocked, but the mango I ate today was so good, I want more.

I made all my five already published ebooks free on Amazon for the next five days. If they can help keep people entertained that would make me happy. Also, I’ll keep the daily book recommendations coming in case they help anyone.

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