Little Glimpses of Joy

Confession: Although I am an introvert, I get depressed if I spend too much time at home. So this quarantine staycation is not something I enjoy. Yesterday I had a lot of anxiety – mostly about travel, about my family being so far away, about all the plans that are being postponed or falling through right now. I slept poorly and had a weird nightmare featuring chaos and lobsters. But as I enjoyed my coffee, and the day progressed, I ended up feeling calm and even at times happy. It’s like in the middle of all the anxiety, there are little glimpses of joy. I’m happy when I cook, and tomorrow I do resolve to go to the store. I’m happy when I paint, and I started making a really big horse painting in my studio upstairs. Reading has been tough as I’m too anxious, but I’m getting into it again. I also had a very nice long conversation with a friend I relate to very well, and we managed to have a few good laughs. I’m not sure I’m great company for my little dog right now, though she is happy I’m home, and I do walk her. I also found a free yoga app and did a satisfying 15 minute practice.

I finished the ninth draft of Storms of Malhado, and emailed it to my Kindle app to read through and weed out the places where it doesn’t flow.

Yes, things are strange and uncertain right now. But with patience we will get through this.

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