Highlights of My Socially Distant Day

Today wasn’t as magical as yesterday, because I didn’t sleep well. Fire trucks woke me up early – no disaster, probably just someone burning their toast – and I get very cranky with lack of sleep. Still, I took a nice walk with my dog in a pretty neighborhood by our house, enjoyed the birds and sunshine, made a video on how to draw a dog, emailed my collectors to offer virtual gallery tours and other types of socially distant entertainment, ordered Szechuan from the amazing restaurant my friends and I discovered a few weeks ago (they delivered, left it at my door as I’d asked, and the man bringing it had a lucky rat hanging in his car just like the one I bought in Chinatown last month), made a mess out of my horse sculpture, and added a bit to the big painting I’m working on. John sent me a picture of Alexander Ross. My collectors have been in touch as well, even buying things! By the end of the day I started feeling that the world was both weird and magical, and that we’re all transitioning to a state of mindfulness and care for one another. After all, nothing like a globally spreading pandemic and an indefinite amount of social isolation to make us understand just how interconnected we all are.

Today’s book recommendation: An Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine

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