It’s All Very Peaceful (and Green)

Today I woke up feeling peaceful and happy. The weather was beautiful, and Houston had slowed down the way it usually only does on Sundays. My dog was cute and perky as ever, I talked to my friend who has returned safely from Jordan and is happily self-quarantined painting watercolors, I had a good Skype call with my dad, and overall everything seemed lovely. I do feel like I’m on vacation. Probably because I decided to give myself a break. After all, it’s not a time to bug people about buying art – though lots of art is available should anyone want it. And there’s so much more in the making! I made some progress on the giant horse, though I’m allowing myself to paint it slowly, mindfully.

Today’s book recommendation? Live Alone and Like It by Marjorie Hillis, one of my all-time favorites!

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