The Man in the Cart

Today for my Facebook Live painting session I decided to concentrate on a small detail of the large painting: The face of the man in the cart. This small task was a workable goal for my live painting, so I ended up really relaxing and having fun.

I’m still having a nice time with the social distancing. Lots of people are reaching out to each other and being quite lovely. One of my favorite collectors hosted a tour of her art collection via Instagram Live, and it was absolutely amazing. Few things are as special to me as seeing my art in people’s homes, and her collection includes some very meaningful pieces of mine, along with wonderful art by many other artists – many from the Escapist Mentorship Program.

Today’s video is on how to draw birds. You can see it on YouTube. And today’s book recommendation: The Party by Sally Quinn. Because there will be parties again when this is all over.

When you meet with your mentor during a pandemic he might put up a protective barrier, and he might look like this:

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