A Week In

It’s now been a whole week since I’ve stayed inside – except for dogs walks, one trip to the post office and grocery store, and my six-feet-apart meeting with John yesterday. I still don’t mind it all that much. There have always been periods in my life when I needed to spend lots of time alone and find ways to entertain myself. So I definitely have the emotional tools to deal with the alone time, though not so much with the uncertainty of the whole thing. How much longer? New York and California are now on lockdown, but here in Texas there are people in the streets, some of them not really practicing social distancing.

Anyway, painting is a good thing as it gets me to focus on something else. Today my progress on the horse was rather slow and frustrating. I worked on the wheels of the cart and discovered the fourth hoof, which I’d completely neglected to include.

I also started working on a cat portrait and did quite a bit of editing on my manuscript. And I made a video on drawing a fish.

Today’s book recommendation: Barbara Kingsolver – Flight Behavior

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