Today had its ups and downs. Some moments were really good. The dog and I took a long walk in a neighborhood by our house, and it was green and wet with morning rain, and the birds were singing. I started painting on a set of dinner plates – my tribute to Judy Chicago’s feminist masterpiece, The Dinner Party. I will paint the phases of the moon, also birds and flowers. It is slow going as each coat needs to dry completely before I add a new one.

I ordered groceries delivered and it was a bit weird, but my fridge is now full of all kinds of veggies and I have enough milk to last for three weeks. More if you count the condensed milk I also bought. I had a dream about this coffee I used to drink in Spain, made with espresso and condensed milk. I might need one of those as a pick-me-up one of these days.

I’m also finishing my read-through of Storms of Malhado. I’m getting so close!

Today’s book recommendation: Love in Mid-Air by Kim Wright. I love this book so much! And it goes well with my story of Betty in Storms of Malhado, and my reinterpreted Dinner Party as it’s about a woman with artistic ambitions who is unhappy in her marriage.

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