Stay Home

Hero of the day: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo who issued a shelter at home order for Harris County this morning. Of course I’m sick of staying home, but we simply can’t afford to let this virus spread. We all need this to end and normal life to resume, but I don’t see a solution at this point other than staying safe and flattening the curve.

I’ve been pretty wound up all day, and not really able to relax, but some nice things still happened: A collector wrote to say she’s grateful to have my art to keep her company as she shelters in place. I made more progress on the horse. I took important steps towards the early release of Storms of Malhado. I also made some progress on the plates I’m painting. Through it all some good moments still sneak in. I do occasionally panic, but I still think with time, patience (and hopefully a cure and/or vaccine soon) we will all be ok.

Today’s book recommendation: In the Night of Time by Antonio Muñoz Molina

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