Sunshine Is Everything

In which I actually have a great day, isolation and all because the sun is shining outside and I love spring. Good things that happened today: I got a glimpse at the formatting for the paperback of Storms of Malhado my friend is working on and it’s so beautiful! I had good conversations with family – the situation with being far away in these strange socially distant times has been stressful, but we’re plugging along. I made the best chicken and dumplings and ate almost the whole pot. It’s so good y’all! I even made the dumplings from scratch and they’re fabulous! I took a long walk at sunset to hear the birds sing and enjoy spring flowers – staying six feet away from everyone of course. I started working on a new novel and on a new abstract piece which I’ve pinned to the wall right next to the horse. And John wrote to tell me there are frogs in his pond again. Which means summer is almost here. It was very hot out today, so maybe the Coronavirus will die?

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