Quarantine Poem

There has been a request for fresh dog poetry, and Holly has been particularly inspired, so here goes. This is her latest creation.

Quarantine schmarantine!

Have you ever been in boarding?

Imagine being stuck in a small room

With no couches

And no human.

Imagine being away

From your own personal human

For like eternity.

I’ve no idea

Why you’re complaining.

I love being home.

Home is the place

Where the pillows

Smell like my human’s face

And where the kitchen floor

Is cool against my tummy,

Where the bathroom

Contains the horror of soap

And the kitchen drawer

My leash,

That promise of adventure!

Home is endless.

It contains multitudes.

There are patches

Of sunshine

On the carpet!

Home is a universe

Waiting to be explored

Or slept in


I did more stuff to the abstract painting today and I’m actually loving it! Also, once again I had a great day.

Today’s book recommendation: The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

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