Let’s Have an Adventure!

Today on Facebook Live I continued my live painting of the abstract piece I started yesterday. I explored mark making and used different tools to make marks onto the canvas including a knife. Ryan was watching and asked if that was their knife, which I thought was hilarious. I do, in fact have tons of things I’ve stolen from my mentors’ house while in the Escapist Mentorship Program (mostly paints, but also brushes, pencils, wash rags, hair ties, and other fun objects) but the knife I bought at the dollar store 15 years ago when I moved to Beaumont.

Back to the painting, though. I do like what I did today, and I do like the painting but it doesn’t feel done. This is why abstract painting is hard – but also what makes it an adventure. With every painting there’s that point where I like it fine, but it needs more, and so I do more and I mess it up completely and then I’m sad and feel like everything is lost, but then I keep going and the painting slowly sorts itself out and eventually it’s finished and I love it.

So, yeah, that’s quite a process, and at times an ordeal, but any adventure worth its salt includes moments of frustration and panic, so I’m excited to keep going, at the risk of messing up the painting, and to share this adventure with y’all.

Speaking of adventures, my friend Lisa Goodrich has finished formatting the paperback version of Storms of Malhado, and it’s so beautiful! I’ve never had a book so beautiful before! It seriously is next level! So of course as soon as I uploaded it, the Amazon warehouse closed for all non-essential purchases. So, beautiful lovely paperbacks will arrive after the Coronavirus passes. So glad I’m almost ready to release the ebook! But do take a peek at this beautiful cover! And some of the beautifully formatted text inside!

Today’s book recommendation: The Sleeping Dictionary by Sujata Massey.

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