Matilda Needs a Friend

Today I painted a little friend for Matilda, or rather just his backside. Carousel horses don’t get Coronavirus so they don’t need to practice social distancing. Meanwhile, for us humans in isolation, I have a new commissions opportunity. I’d love to paint some of the milestones and special events people are missing right now, and I’m offering free consultations and special pricing. I’d especially love to paint some of the 2020 graduates who don’t get to go to prom. You can even win one of these commissions for free if you take part in my social media contest. All you have to do is download my new novel, Storms of Malhado, onto any e-reader or device, take a picture of it, and post it to social media tagging me and three of your friends, and using the hashtags #StormsofMalhado and #StayHomeandRead. A drawing for the winner will be held via Facebook Live on April 21st at 5:45pm.

Meanwhile, my VIP readers are slowly but surely getting their paperbacks in the mail. I didn’t get mine yet, though. Amazon did bring a large package earlier, but when I opened it it was dog food, not books. Of course, dog food is very useful, so I’m not complaining, but I’m dying to see my beautiful new book in person!

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