VIP Mask

Spring’s hottest fashion seems to be a mask, and not just any mask, but one designed and personally sewn by world famous artist John Ross Palmer. I drove all the way to the Heights to pick it up from his front porch (no contact! We’re being so good!) and got freaked out by the massive crowd of people I saw running in Memorial Park with no social distancing whatsoever. Why can’t they all take this seriously and stay safely away from each other? Hopefully my John Ross Palmer mask will send out a clear message and help raise awareness. It’s the best I can do, though really I’m staying safely home and so should you.

Home is where the carousel horses are. And the dogs. And the books. And the sourdough starters.

Speaking of all those good things, look at how adorable my friend’s entry in my social media contest is! Remember you too can participate. Just take a picture of my new book, Storms of Malhado, uploaded onto any device, tag me and three of your friends, and use the hashtags #StormsofMalhado and #StayHomeandRead. You can win an original Sandovici watercolor commission!

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