Sunbathing in the Kitchen

Today I started working on another big painting. It’s called I Wish I Had a Balcony and is inspired by my sunbathing session in the kitchen the other day. I usually manipulate the blinds in such a way as to generate a patch of sunshine for my dog to lie in, but the other day I decided to lie in it too. It was quite satisfying and the dog was very happy. I think the painting will be really nice because of the contrast between the skin and the shadows. I think I’ll make the shadows bluish purple.

I also played around on a website called URstyle and tried to come up with an outfit Katie would wear to her parents’ hurricane party in Storms of Malhado. It took me down memory lane to the things I used to enjoy back in 2008, and to The Firm, my favorite boutique in Galveston, which closed not long after Hurricane Ike, and which I still dream of at night.

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