Stay Home and Buy Stamps

My sunbathing in the kitchen painting is progressing nicely. I love how the dog looks all confused – though in real life the dog was delighted.

Also, I keep having fun with the URstyle website, and today I made a collage inspired by Maria in Dogs with Bagels. Her style is classic and her outfits consist of quality items she got on sale. She has to wear sneakers on her long commute, though, and her tote bag is full of books to read on the subway and many other things as well. Of all my characters she is the most likely to be prepared, carry change, an umbrella, a toothbrush and a hairbrush etc. Don’t be surprised if she stashes away some choice treats too, like quality macarons. But behind all the practicality is actually a romantic person. She has an old rotary phone in her bedroom and she can’t get rid of her wedding ring, although her marriage is long over. Or is it?

Something else Maria would carry in her purse are cards, envelopes, and stamps. She loves sending thank you cards! And so should we all. In fact, I highly recommend going to the USPS website and ordering a bunch of stamps and other supplies – because we simply cannot let the postal service go out of business. But also because writing cards is a lovely old fashioned way to reach out to your nearest and dearest while in quarantine. It’ll brighten up their day to get a note from you, and it will also brighten yours to write and send it.

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