Red Nails

Made some more progress on my Sunbathing in the Kitchen painting today. Also made a collage for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. Got groceries delivered. This time my Instacart shopper found everything on my list except for pine nuts. Which is ok, because I eat too many whenever I buy those. She found Argentinian shrimp. She found shallots! Shallots are quite a wonderful thing. She found three different types of pasta, a giant container of mushrooms, and cans of tuna, jars of capers, and a fresh butter lettuce with its little roots still attached. Fresh parsley and lemons, sardines, milk, carrots, an onion, and even a nice bitter radicchio to add to my salads.

Meanwhile, Texas has decided to be the first state to reopen. I’m not sure yet what that entails, and also not sure if I should be excited or terrified. Judge Hidalgo will not let Harris County reopen yet, and since all is confusing anyway I figure I’d rather focus on my groceries, my paintings, and my books.

This collage is inspired by Ana Petrescu aka Miss Vulpe, the protagonist of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. She loves provocative clothing, cigarettes, and Guerlain makeup. She only wear flats because she considers heels to be torture devices. She steals sugar bowls for fun. Also, she’s secretly underage and on a mission to solve a murder mystery. Made with

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