Today I painted Gemini. As an air sign, I wanted Gemini to be ethereal and practically dissolve. My favorite feature, though, are the gold bangles. Gemini would like an accessory like that.

With this last sign, the Astrology painting is complete, which is bittersweet because I had the best time working on it via Facebook Live. Tomorrow I will try something different – painting watercolors during my live sessions. I think I devised a system where I can do that. We’ll see how it goes.

My other accomplishments today are getting groceries delivered – fresh corn and crab cakes among other things to celebrate seven full weeks of staying home – clipping the dog’s nails – excellent bonding! – and commencing a deep cleaning of my living space and gallery. I love doing a deep clean! It’s a ritual and hopefully it marks a new beginning. I also ordered a face shield. Maybe it’s time to get back out there?


    1. Hi Gayle, not yet, but thank you for the idea! I need to take slightly better pictures of them, then will upload them and let you know!

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