A Horse in Pajamas

“Do we like the baby zebra because it’s like a horse or because it’s like Holly?” I asked during Facebook Live.

“Both,” John typed into the comments. I totally love that he watches my Facebook Live shows and that he comments a lot!

Today I had a different setup, as I propped my phone up on a vase – very high-tech! – and for the first time ever painted a watercolor over Facebook Live. The picture I used for inspiration was of a baby zebra that was born recently though I can’t remember at which Zoo.

Also, my face shield arrived today. It’s definitely very stylish. But does it make me feel safe? Does it make me want to take longer walks or go on more adventures? I guess not. Not really. My rituals here at home are nice and comforting and I have plenty to do. Today I made blueberry pancakes and they were delicious! I’m 40,000 words into the new book I’m writing, there’s a never ending supply of audiobooks to borrow from the library, and I’m enjoying my deep cleaning project. So I think I’ll stay put a while longer.

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